How to send us music?

May we thank you for your interest in choosing to send us music.

There are only 2 steps involved in sending us music:

Step 1 - Readying Your Music

Make sure the music you want to send is in digital files. It can be any audio format e.g. MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.
If you have music on an Audio CD, you would need to rip it in order to obtain individual music files.
Please ensure it's "Masihi Music" as we do not publish secular music on

Step 2 - Choose a Method

Once the music is ready to be sent to us, please upload it to any of the free file transfer services available on the Internet, e.g.:

All the above servies host files for FREE and while uploading files, please enter our email address in recipient's email address to make sure we're notified.

Our email address is: info @ (without spaces).