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A very warm welcome to MasihiSongs.com - a website that provides largest collection of South Asian Masihi Music.
We sincerely hope you'll enjoy worshiping the Lord with us. We have a huge collection of Masihi Geets, Zaboors, Qawalis and Ghazals...

Music, Music and Music

It's all about music, but Masihi Music that is the nourishment of our souls.
The project aims to collect Masihi Music from the length and breadth of contients and make it available through this website and companion mobile phone applications. All FREE for our beloved community of MasihiSongs lovers.
Stream unlimited music from our state of the art servers to your computer or handheld devices.
Worship the Almighty by singing along on your car journeys, walks and even at home using today's technology.




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If you're an artist or even posess Masihi music that isn't available in our collection, please share it with us and we'll ensure it is shared with the world.



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